Market Moore Announcement

You can see is starting to come together! We are still a work in progress but we now have a domain name and a start of a a working site! How awesome and exciting is that for us to be able to announce!

As of today I’m working diligently at getting all content up to our site to be announced on our head quarter site Moore Refine and our Moore Refine’s Facebook Page. From here there is still a lot of work to be done but know I am working day and night to make this happen!


The Perfect Gift

I believe that the discovery of the perfect gift in some essence is a talent for some. It seems some people have that ability to be thoughtful in ways that may not always come so natural for others. I wish I could say I’m one of those people but I have to admit its an area that I know I struggle with at times. I’d think with my amount of creativity it would go hand in hand and in some aspects I believe I do but my issues come with PROCRASTINATION.

Last minute is what I live by it seems and isn’t ideal for a thoughtful gift giving situation. However, my hope is Market Moore that it will evolve to helping solve this last minute perfect gift dilemma. hope Helping to ease the stresses of those last minute scenarios that I often find myself in. We’ll soon be filling our online store and physical shop with unique one of a kind goodies that will in most cases be readily available. So as time progresses and we grow there will be a little bit of something for everyone. Below covers some of what we’ll have “in store”. 😉