Frequently Asked Questions:


What Is Market Moore?

Market Moore is an online service that is owned and operated by Moore Refine, LLP. It is our online location where all our vendors have the ability to sell online simply and safely. We have decided to reach out with this service of being able to sell online simply to all of the QCA small businesses that create lovely, unique one-of-a-kind items to be able to support locals. So not all shops are limited to being only Moore Refine, LLP/Market Moore products.


When I make a purchase, am I purchasing from Moore Refine’s Store or the local vendor directly?

It will depend on how the vendor is set up and it will be clearly stated on the shop and product page. A lot of our vendors will be ones that we will carry and have available from our store front (when the building has been completed). However there will be other vendors and specialty shops that have their own buildings or locations where they already physically sell from in which you will work out pickup or delivery from their location.

This site is also set up for the vendor to be securely paid directly from this site to their PayPal account with a deduction of a service fee from us and PayPal. So payment goes directly to them.


When will your Building be Open to vendors and to shoppers?

Good question! We’d love to know ourselves. This is a huge building over over 12,000 sf and it’s the two of us trying to get it off the ground and running. There’s a lot to be done…we have big vision for the place but it’s a work in process and taking on as much as we can with the available resources that we have to work with. We will definitely keep you posted and let you know just as soon as we are ready. We will have a grand opening for our retail shop and are thrilled at how much excitement we’ve already received from locals about our storefront and can’t wait to share it with you all.


Is there Local Delivery or Shipping Available?

We will soon be providing a delivery service that is ran through Moore Refine, LLP. You will soon be able to set up to delivery for any and all pieces that are purchased through our site for an additional charge depending on the size and quantity.


Are all Items only Made here in the QCA?

As much as we like to focus on this idea of featuring QCA quality made products, our store front is not limited to QCA only made items. We will have items that are from all around the world. However, locally, hand-made and unique is what we love best! Our number one priority is to service and help promote the local QCA businesses and it’s economy.


I’m not locally from the QCA can I still buy from your shops?

We’re all about supporting locally in any way possible which is to not limit their sells to only to the local buyers. However, items are only available to those out of town or state, as long as you’re open to picking up the items and or if shipping is available for a specific item. Shipping is offered only if and when the owner agrees to providing this as a services. We’re happy to work out shipping to any states as long as the Vendor is on board with this. It’s 100% up to the shop owner to provide shipping for their products and this should and will be noted on product details page. There of course with be shipping charges that apply if this is the case.


I’m a local QCA Vendor that creates wonderfully creative unique hand crafted products and I think I’m a perfect fit…how do I get set up?

We are working on a page to give you all the detail and commission rates and services on how to go about being able to sell online and open a shop. In the mean time do not hesitate to contact us directly with any and all questions.


I’m a Vendor that creates wonderfully creative unique hand crafted products that I think is perfect for your store but not from the QCA. Can I open a shop?

This website is specific for only Local QCA Vendors to be able to open a storefront. However, if we agree that your product is a perfect fit we’d be happy to consider purchasing at a wholesale rate or to have your items shipped to us so that we can have your products be immediately available to our locals through our physical store.

Your items will be sold through our  Moore Refine, LLP shop if purchased at a wholesale rate. Otherwise if items are not paid for but shipped to us to have on hand, then you’ll have your own Vendor storefront where you’ll get paid directly with a PayPal account just like our other vendors do.


I am a local storefront that carries some great items and would like to be able to sell my products online…can I open a shop?

Absolutely! This site is not limited to only hand-crafted vendors or hobbyist it’s for all local businesses that want to have the availability to sell online locally. The only stipulation is that you are providing products that fit our vision and our love for unique and one of a kind.




Still have questions or not clear on an answer above? Please do not hesitate in contacting us or commenting below…we’ll be happy to get back to you just as soon as we can with ‘Moore’ answers.

Have a wonderful day!

~Market Moore Team

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