Here at Market Moore, we do what we can to make this process of opening an online shop and selling to locals as easy as possible. 

As long as you are able to fill out our online forms and ***upload images*** and provide accurate product details, you’ll be able to get your online shop up and running in no time. We do require you to have a valid and working PayPal account for you to be able to accept online payments securely and safely when items are sold. 

In order to start, you must become a pre-approved vendor to have a membership account created for you. We can’t specify enough we want only quality crafted unique one-of-a-kind items and shops to be displayed here on Market Moore. The standards we hold for ourself and our products need to carry through to all items we support here online.

Click here to view our qualifications and to be able to fill out our online application.

Once approved you’ll be able to login to your account and have full access to start creating your online shop. You’ll easily and quickly be able to add shop details, unlimited product items with ***images***, business/vendor images, along with being able to keep track of orders and sales.

We’ll soon be providing documentation on how to do all of each of these steps in detail, so you don’t miss a thing. Soon enough, for the visual learners, video tutorials covering how simple this process is and to answer any and all of your questions.

We think you’ll agree we make this process as simple enough for anyone to get online.

We also provide our services for those that don’t have the time to maintain their online shop and take any and all of the process over for you. From setting up, adding your products and shipping and delivery. Giving you the extra time to run the many other important aspects of your business. Plus you will still have the ability to have online access to your shop in case there would be additional changes or edits that you may want to make at any time.

***An important requirement of ours are that your photos that are done in a professional matter, to be able to display your items as accurately as possible. This is an essential part to being able to sell online so we do not allow any ordinary photo to be what represents your product. Details and good quality photos are a must. To insure this we will be providing services to take care of this aspect for you. It’s all about making sure that you are presented in a professional matter to all potential buyers so that they can see exactly what they are purchasing online. ***


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