The Perfect Gift

I believe that the discovery of the perfect gift in some essence is a talent for some. It seems some people have that ability to be thoughtful in ways that may not always come so natural for others. I wish I could say I’m one of those people but I have to admit its an area that I know I struggle with at times. I’d think with my amount of creativity it would go hand in hand and in some aspects I believe I do but my issues come with PROCRASTINATION.

Last minute is what I live by it seems and isn’t ideal for a thoughtful gift giving situation. However, my hope is Market Moore that it will evolve to helping solve this last minute perfect gift dilemma. hope Helping to ease the stresses of those last minute scenarios that I often find myself in. We’ll soon be filling our online store and physical shop with unique one of a kind goodies that will in most cases be readily available. So as time progresses and we grow there will be a little bit of something for everyone. Below covers some of what we’ll have “in store”. 😉

For New & Old

Old Become New Again

If you don’t know yet we love vintage goods & antiques. We know it’s not for everyone but we love the idea discovering something that has been left to tarnish and collect dust viewed as beauty to another and all sudden becomes new again! One of our goals is the have a wide collection of unique vintage inspired goods. Some being new and others being old but full of charm.

If vintage antiques aren’t your cup of tea we plan on having a lot of new unique one of kind products as well. Our focus again is to keep it local, making the products we sell here available either immediately or very quickly to be in your personal possession as a QCA local. It don’t necessarily mean all items are made strictly and only in the QCA…some of our products will come from national and even worldwide sources but again making that focus of doing our best to keeping items on hand for you to have right away for that last minute gift giving idea all the while to support locally. Ideal for that impatient person that falls in love and must have it right now! All too well something I can relate to. 😉

Another focus of ours are carrying products that are hand crafted quality goods. I know the QCA is filled with great talented artisans that go undiscovered to the rest of the world. I know myself, there are many that I’ve not come across but would love to find just waiting for their chance to be discovered! The artist in me holds great value and appreciation to the unique craftsmanship of quality products that aren’t massed produced and created full of character. I would think…most anyone agree with this. Right?

We would also love to see organic and natural goodies. It’s not just a fade it’s a good way to live. With more and more processed and chemical induced products that obtained by mass produced standards we find it important to go back to our roots of going organic and natural when possible. As we know it’s hard to achieve in a lot of ways but we know it’s out there from lines of soaps, lotions, foods, beauty products, clothing, toys and more…these are all ideal products to carry for our online Market!

Upcycled and renewed! We love like we’ve said before when the old becomes new again especially when something old becomes re-purposed and becomes something new all together. We love creative minds that are able to up-cycle and recreate life for something that would otherwise be tossed aside or junked.

It's Time!

It’s Finally Time to Get Your Products Online!

Being that I’m 22 weeks along with my pregnancy I know the phrase “It’s TIME!” having a profound meaning. Things are going to change drastically and in such a wonderful way! However with this statement “It’s TIME”, there are many local vendors that are more than over due to have their works featured and easily available to be found and purchased without a lot of fuss. That’s where we step in! We think it’s time to make that happen for all local QCA vendors to get online and we’ll do what we can to make that possible!


Is This You?

We truly want to strive to have local Quad Citizens aware of as many unique quality product lines as possible. Please do not hesitate in connecting with us so we can make sure you are discovered!

We also will be providing other services not found elsewhere all in the duty to get you up and running online.

We want to make your hesitation of wanting to move your business online a simple choice by taking over as much of you want us to take on…to make opening your online shop a reality without any hesitation. We know running an online shop can and be overwhelming especially if you’ve never done it before but that’s why we’re here to take that on for you. We’re here to walk you through the entire process and take on any and all areas you do not want to. Now all you have to do is contact us and we’ll be happy to let you know how to make you successful in the online world.

Don’t worry…We’ve got plenty of online experience. I’ve got years of experience working with online sells and running a successful online handmade jewelry business, selling world wide! I know I can help you do the same! Let us show you how simple it can be.

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